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  Trance is fully committed  to continue working to secure funding for the county’s transportation priorities, including the Purple Line, state road projects and restoration of Highway User Funds. Additionally, Trance is committed to Economic Development/Transit-Oriented Development in the benefit of all Prince George County residents. Trance firmly believes in modern technology advancement and  he is committed to encouraging a more business-friendly Prince George’s County by expanding growth opportunities and commercial development. 

Health Care

Trance firmly believes that each citizen should have access to quality health care. Additionally, Trance fully supports and encourage development of healthy eating options, recreational opportunities, and walkable communities in Prince George’s County.


Trance is committed to advocating for maintenance of schools and improvement of education so that each child can receive a quality education because educated citizens build thriving communities.

Public Safety

Trance understands the importance of providing  equitable funding resources commensurate with the needs of Prince George County. This includes public safety and devoting particular attention to policing needs and fire prevention.

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